Jump Start your YM Training

Starkweather Association Services drives adoption success

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Move your team from excitement to exploring in as little as 4 weeks!

Starkweather's unique training speeds YM skill acquisition, so you get value sooner

Get your money's worth!

YourMembership is powerful and complicated. After identifying your organization's needs, we can take your team through powerful skill-building exercises to exploring and proficiency. We've seen groups move into the exploring stage of knowledge acquisition in 4 to 6 weeks of training.

Here's what a SAS Client has to say:

Our YM adoption wouldn’t have happened without you. Without you we would have shelved it. In fact, in a previous attempt our project failed because they didn’t follow a strategy like what we did with Starkweather. Thanks for seeing us through our YM implementation!

- L. Bruce Harvey, former CEO, Information Technology Service Management Forum Australia (itSMF AUS), current General Secretary, itSMF International.

We know that change can be hard

All teams go through lags in morale and productivity at some point.

Starkweather uses practices from change management and education psychology to make learning technical skills less disruptive, more empowering and as painless as possible.

We understand these issues and can prepare and support your team during change with our flexible system that builds incremental success. Starkweather asks the necessary questions before we begin, so your team's plan will meet their needs and minimize disruption.

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Starkweather's training program can move your team into acceptance and exploration faster.