Prop, Real Estate & Comm Assoc Mgr

Samantha Clark

Job Description

  • Interact with members of the community association in order to suit their needs
  • Clean and maintain properties
  • Watch over employees and make sure they are following codes and regulations
  • Handle client complaints and disputes
  • Act as a mediator between owners and tenants

Working Conditions

  • Mainly work outside the office
  • On their feet for a majority of the day and travel from location to location
  • Work with clients and tenants

Training/ Education Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree (48%)
  • High School diploma or equivalent (12%)
  • Some college, no degree (12%)
  • Need a license from the state they practice in

Personal Characteristics

  • Reliable
  • Independent
  • Social
  • Tolerant
  • Problem- Solver
  • Active

Earnings and Job Outlook

  • $26.63 hourly
  • $55,380 annually
  • Projected growth is 5 to 8% (this is about average)
  • Projected openings are 79,900
  • Job outlook best for those with college degrees in real estate or business

Education Spotlight

  • Institute of Real Estate Management (Addison, Texas)
  • Penn Foster College (Scottsdale, Arizona)
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