The September 11th Memorial

- By Katie Burton -

The Big Apple

New York City is a tourist attraction all the way across the globe. It has many attractions, from the memorial to the Statue of Liberty. It brings in many people from many places. Not just for its attractions. There it is packed with people because many go there for work, that is why it is also called 'The City of Dreams.'
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The September 11th Memorial

The day of thick black smoke, tearful and cringe worthy screams, sirens on the way to the site, and many rushing, trying to help or just get out. The day will never be forgotten and is important to some, that's why they honor each and every victim with a memorial and their names on it. The shape is amazing and spikes curiosity in most, with its amazing shiny black color. It is a non-profit organization, but you must pay for the museum that contains many interesting things. Many people feel better here and closer to victims. The monument is one of the first things people think of when remembering 9/11, how it is shaped, very skillful and strategic.

Thus, the monument has an interesting shape to most. The fimiliar shape is a large cube with one massive waterfall around the edges with an amazing amount of water in the middle. The waterfall is one of the largest man made ones in the world. The stone is a deep black with names carved into every inch. It is located in New York, bringing in even more people. It is non-profit unlike it's beautiful museum.

On the other hand, the 9/11 Museum includes interactive exhibits, artifacts and places for reflection. There is a tree, that is growing to this day, that was found in the rubble of the destruction. Not to mention, many people, around one million, immediately visited in the starting months. After all, the museum and memorial give closure to a lot of people.

The monument symbolizes and honors the victims and their families. As bad as it sounds, many people died or risked their lives and now have their names on the black stone. The monument was constructed for reflection on the heros and victims of 9/11. Many people go there for the memory of close ones or just the day.

The victims, their families, and the day of the black smoke, screams, and sirens that people talk about to this very day are all remembered by the 9/11 memorial. Millions of people, family or not, come for reflections on that tragic day. Nevertheless, many people have the opinion that visiting the memorial is a beautiful memory to think of. Not all people have full closure, so many visit here a lot. Actually, there are 2,977 names carved into the stone. As a matter of fact, more people are killed every year by wild animals and gun homicides than terrorist attacks.



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