Chocolate Chip Chicks + Brownie Boy

A sweet business for people with great taste

The Big Opening

Hi,this is our big opening and we would be very glad if you came to join us. There is food,entertainment for the kids, music and more. So come on down sit in the shade, eat a few cupcakes, and relax!

There's the sugar

Don't want to miss it

We are opened every 2nd and 4th weekend in a month. We start October. from 1pm to 4pm. sometimes we move locations like and so put it on your calendar you don't want to miss it

The Great Place

Hey, if you don't feel like coming out of your house just call the number below and tell us your address and we will come to you. Or if you are sitting on your porch and you see us just call out and we will be there faster than you can say "I love candy"on our own traveling business on a bike. The bike is big and blue with 2 wooden carts behind it that are pink and blue!