My Family

Gerardo Garcia


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my favorite game is happy wheels

I like this game because its cool

im going to my aunts for christmas

Tuesday, Dec. 30th, 7pm

Wichita, KS, United States

Wichita, KS

we are ganna eat food and play games and then at night we are ganna open our presents

Where my family was born

My mom was born in Durango Mexico

My dad was born in Zacatecas Mexico

My sister was born in Meade Kansas

My brother was born in Meade Kansas

Me and my sister where born in Liberal Kansas we are twins

When they came to the United States

My mom came to united states and she didn't know English and then she learned and then my dad came he didn't learn no English so he doesn't no any right now and then they got married.

when we were born

Im older then my sister by 3 minutes we where born August 17,2002.

facts about myself

I like going to Amarillo Texas.

I like the san Antonio spurs.

I like the Houston Texans.

I like pizza.

I have 2 sisters.

I have 1 brother.

I like Hollister.

I like sports.

Tim Duncan is my favorite nba player.

My favorite sport is basketball.