Get Smoked!

A Modest Proposal

Smoking is Life Changing!

Nothing is more fashionable than yellow teeth, stained fingers and that one of a kind smoker’s hack. After only a cigarette or two, your clothes and hair will also develop a very unique odor, recognizable not only to other smokers, but to health freaks, as well. This smell has many benefits, including no longer needing to buy fragrances.

What are the Benefits of Smoking?

Well for starters smoking calms nerves. Yes, it supposedly raises heart rate and blood pressure, but the strongest ingredient-nicotine-has a calming psychological effect you’ll find positively addictive. Smoking is well just flat out attractive to all, it gives you nice yellow teeth, great smoky breath, and a nice raspy voice that turns everyone on. If everyone smoked it would boost the economy since the tobacco industry and all of its related products are a billion dollar enterprise, and if it were to fail, it would take a huge blow to the already poor economy.