The Canadian Shield Region

An ancient Mountain Range, Great for miners and loggers

Introduction to the Canadian Shield

  • it's an ancient mountain range, so there are some very beautiful sites to see.
  • Great for Miners, Loggers, Hikers, oil and gas workers and many more!
  • Lake Athabasca.
  • The Canadian Shield region only has about 1,200 people living there!
  • Great place to live!

Where is the Canadian Shield located

The Canadian Shield is located in the top right corner of Alberta.

Some of the Vegetation in the Canadian Shield

Other Plants in The Canadian Shield are:

  • Aspen Tree
  • Poplar Tree
  • Tamarack Tree
  • White Spruce Tree

Animal Life in the Canadian Shield

Some of the other animals are:

  • Moose
  • Canadian Toad
  • Golden Eagle
  • Arctic Fox
  • Ptarmigan

Barren Ground Caribou

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Landforms of the Canadian Shield

There are many different landforms in the Canadian Shield.

Some of the landforms are:

  • Cliffs
  • Mountain Ranges
  • Hills
  • Bluffs
  • High Banks
  • Sandy Areas

Bodies of Water in the Canadian shield

There are many Bodies of Water in the Canadian Shield

It includes:

  • Lake Athabasca
  • Rivers
  • Ponds
  • Marshy Areas

Lake Athabaca


The Canadian Shield is not very warm. It's the coldest region in Alberta. The summers are short and dry. Lots of rain between July and October. The temperature can rise up to 30 degrees Celsius. Winters are long. During the winter the winter there can be up to 160 centimetres of snow. There is minimal sunlight. The winters are cold and icy.


Being a miner is a great job when living in the Canadian shield. There are lots of deposits of coal in the Canadian Shield.

Other jobs are:

  • Logging
  • Oil and gas

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Great Cities in the Canadian Shield to live in

Fort Chipewyan

Fort Chipewyan's population is about 900. There are lots of mining jobs here.
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Fort Fitzgerald

Fort Fitzgerald is almost on the northern border of Alberta. About 200 people live there.
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Natural Resources

There are a few natural resources in the Canadian Shield. There is Coal, Oil and gas, Wind and sun.

Sports and Recreational activities

Snowmobiling is a great sport to do in the winter since there is lots of snow at that time.

Hiking is another great activity because there are lots of hiking locations here.

Hockey is a popular sport because of the weather here,

Skiing also is a great sport becauseof all the snow here.

You can also play a variety of indoor sports too.

The old rock in the Canadian Shield

Did you know that the rock in the Canadian Shield is about 2 billion years old.

The Canadian Shield is an ancient mountain range

All of the Canadian shield is an ancient mountain range. The mountain ranges here are SO beautiful.
If you are interested in moving to Alberta have you ever considered moving to the Canadian Shield?

It is an amazing place to live at, the beautiful mountain ranges and very unique landscape.

If you do move to the Canadian Shield you will LOVE it!


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