Travel To India

Everything You Need To Know

How You Should Dress

In India they dress differently than people on the United States.

India Beliefs

Most Indians are Hindu. Hindus believe in karma which means what goes around comes around. There holy text is called the Vedas. They worship in a Mandir. In India if you are Hindu you follow something called a caste system.

Common Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid

When you are in India Do Not drink the water stick to bottle water

Religios Ceremonies, Holy Days and Holidays

In India they celebrate various holidays and festivals. A popular on is new year just like we have here in the usa


Travel to Calicut India it cost 2259 dollars a ticket

Different parts of India are different prices from around 1500-3000

The best hotel in Calicut India cost 96 dollars a night and is a 4 star rating

So that means if 4 people went and stayed 2 weeks it would cost 127,848 all together