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Cradle Mt- Lake St Clair N.P

Cradle Mountain N.P is located in the northern part of Tasmania. The park was established in 1922. The national park protects rare wildlife and landscapes and is a Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Site. The park also includes many trails and is a wonderful place to visit.

Look out for the native wildlife when you go on tours/trails in this national park.

Or you can either go to Night Spotlighting or Dine With The Devils to guarantee you see the fascinating native wildlife. You can also go and see Waldheim Chalet, a place in the national park with lots of history to learn about. There is an activity ( Wine & Cheese Tasting ) for the ones who love to learn about food. You can see extraordinary views including the view from Lake St Clair to see Cradle Mountain & Knyvet Falls during a 30-40 min walk.

Cradle Mountain N.P has a variety of fascinating animals and plants. You can see Tasmanian Devils at special sacturies, and if you're lucky you might spot a skink, snake, tree frog, wombat, possum or even a wallaby. There are also a wide range of birds in the national park. Some of the plants are King Billy Pines and Nothofagus Gunni.

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Cradle Mountain National Park has Australia's deepest natural fresh water lake, Lake St Clair, which is 167 metres deep. The national park is home to Australia's only deciduous tree , the Nothofagus Gunni, a beech. The park's name comes from the shape of the mountain, a cradle.

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Cradle Mountain National Park is in Tasmania, containing varieties of wildlife and plants and with lots of fun and interesting activities. It has lots of history and is a wonderful place to visit.