Jackson: The man full of bullets

Two Bullets lodged in my body and im still breathin

The Nullification Crisis

Jackson passed the tariff of abomination, which was an high tax. South Carolina didn't want to pay the tax. Congress passed the "Force Bill", where Jackson threaten to send the military to force them to pay the tariff. South Carolina threaten to secede from the United States, so they passed the "Compromise tariff", which was an lower tax and South Carolina agreed. This ended the conflict between South Carolina and Jackson for the time being.

The Trail of Tears

Jackson wanted to expand and get more land. He wanted the land east of the Mississippi where the Indians lived. Jackson offered the "beautiful" land west of the Mississippi in Oklahoma, which wasn't that "beautiful". It had less farm-able land than the land east of the Mississippi. They agreed and walked all the way over to Oklahoma. The path was cold and the conditions were very harsh (crowed, cold, disease, etc). About 4,000 Cherokee people died.

The Indian Removal Act

This law was passed by Congress in the presidency of Jackson. It authorized the president to negotiate with Indian Tribes for their removal to Federal Territory.The Indians had to go west of the Mississippi, s that we can take their land in exchange. Whatever the cause or whenever we needed more land we would just kick the Indians out and move them to another place.

Political Cartoon of Jackson

This political cartoon of Andrew Jackson is talking about the "Spoils System", and how in Jackson presidency he came up with this system so he could hire who ever he wanted in office (friends, partners, etc). In the cartoon its saying "To the Victors belong the Spoils", that means who ever wins the election gets to pick or "spoil" who they want.

Letter 1- Cherokee

Andrew Jackson removed us from our homeland. He has said that there would be better land west of the Mississippi, he lied. Jackson sent us (Cherokee) on a trail where we would be protected by guards, they did not protect us enough. Over 4,000 of the Cherokee died on that trail (known as the trail of tears). He was the worst president we ever had.

Letter 2- Frontiersman

Jackson has helped us by removing those Indians over west, so we can have more land to settle on. He has done some bad things, but he has made up for it by lowering taxes, bills, etc. Jackson also helped us by killing the national bank,because he thought it was run by financial elites for their own financial gain. Also he is just like us the "common people/man" and was the best president ever.