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October 2020

Dear Families,

The first week of Hybrid instruction went really well. Just having kids back with us (in 3 dimension) was the needed pick-me-up for us all. We saw lots of squinty eyes- knowing that there were smiles behind the masks. I hope that each of your children came home and were excited about being back in school too. We will get back into routines, which will be very healthy for everyone.

I've told our staff this will be the year of a million "1st days of school", but I"m hoping that the transitions get smoother as we go. I can tell you that just the arrival and dismissal process has already become so much more smooth. We will continue to gain more instructional time back as we get our processes in place.

I have, and will continue to, send home updates to keep you informed. There are a couple of repeats for those that missed them last time. As guidelines change and restriction protocols lift we will hopefully be able to add back in some of our activities, etc. I add those to our newsletters, as well as, update using Bloomz.

Letter from our Superintendent regarding reporting Covid cases

Please see the attachment below regarding reporting positive Covid cases.

Board of Education

The BOE has called a specially called meeting for Tuesday, October 6th @ 7:00. They are still required to follow the 50 person occupancy for the meeting, but will be streaming it on their youtube channel. The purpose of this meeting is to gather information regarding hybrid students returning to school 5 days a week.

Drop off times - Doors open at 8:30 am.

Due to the need to maintain distance and not mix multiple grade levels, our school doors are not opening until 8:30. This is the time that teachers are contracted to start their days, which mean the students can go directly to their classrooms. Breakfast is being served in the classrooms where students can eat and still be 6 feet from others.

PLEASE do not drop your child off before 8:30. There are NO adults available to monitor them, and this past week, there were children left unattended before 8:00 am out front of the school.

Proposed Steeplechase Elementary Boundaries

We have displayed 3 boundaries maps in our bus loop. One map is the current boundaries for all of the elementary schools as of today. The other 2 maps are the drafted proposals for the potential new boundaries for Steeplechase. These maps will also be on display during the public hearings on October 13th and October 29th. (@ Ralph Rush PD center at 7:00 pm). These maps will be on display until the BOE makes a final decision on the boundaries.

I am requesting that individuals not congregate during arrival and dismissal times for our school day. I do appreciate you respecting the safety and logistics of our instructional day. Arrival times are 8:30 am, 12:00 to 12:35, and 3:20 to 3:50 pm.

Thank you.


WLWT Day of Giving is officially set for Thursday, October 8th! Please join us for this event!

Date: Thursday October 8th

Location: Crossroads Church in Florence (828 Heights Blvd)

Time: 7:30am to 3:30pm

Wish list: non-perishable foods, school supplies, masks and cleaning supplies (including hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, disinfecting spray, etc.)

Keeping up with the Calendar Chaos

October 2020

6th- Specially Called BOE meeting @ 7:00- available via Youtube
8th- SBDM Minority candidate information due by 3:45 pm
9th- NO School
12th- NO School

20th- Picture Day for Hybrid A /
Parent / teacher conferences (sign up required)

21st- Picture Day for Virtual- Sign up for a time
22nd- Picture Day for Hybrid B /
Parent / Teacher conferences (sign up required)


3rd- Election Day- No school

19th- SBDM
25th- 27th- Thanksgiving Break

17th- SBDM
21st- January 3rd= Winter Break

4th- REturn to school

18th - MLK Jr. Day- No school

28th- SBDM

Repeated information

SBDM Minority Election

Parents and Guardians,

This school year we have over 8% minority students enrolled at New Haven, and we will be holding a special election for a minority parent member to serve on our School Based Decision Making council. If you are interested in running for SBDM, a nomination form is attached to this notice. This election will be organized and run by New Haven Elementary administration as per the statute. I have included information regarding SBDM below. If you are interested in serving on our SBDM council please complete the attached nomination form and either email it to or return it to school with a brief resume or summary of yourself by 3:45 pm on Thursday, October 8th, 2020.

Remote Learning Parent Resources

We can hardly mask our excitement to see you again!

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