Older Adulthood

Social & Emotional Development

Heredity & Environmental Factors

-Physical ability stops working.

-Stop parenting.

-No more taking care of grandchildren.

Effects of Life Events

Erikson: Integrity vs. Despair

-This is the final stage that happens in older adulthood.

-Time where adults come to terms w/ their life reviews rather than despairing over what did not happen & what they can't change.

Role of Communication

-Maintaining relationships that include friends & community members is critical for older adults.

-Social relationships can help reduce of depression, sadness or loneliness.

-Contribute to personal satisfaction.

Effects of Morals

-When retiring it's a major life decisions that involves loss of important social role

-Many older adults choose to continue working for financial benefits, staying active, & maintains regular social interaction.

Role & Level of Nurtrance

-Older people are at risk for depression.

-May feel unimportant if they retire.

-Loss of social identity.

-Medicine side effects may cause depression.

-Loss of friends/family.

-May need to spend time with family.

-May need to participate in clubs or other activities.

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