Transworld Education Academy


  • The basic function is to help individuals avail best medical seats, which fulfill their objectives by balancing their limitations. Thus, they facilitate excellent facilities to their students and train them towards achieving their goals.

The very limited number of seats we have for medical education in India. But, it is not the case with regard to the foreign country. The degree offered in foreign country is MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree.

The course module is meticulously engineered that Indian students qualify the Pre – Medical (BS Bio accelerated Program) the pre requisite for the Medical studies (MD) in Philippines.

DMSF being in Philippines where a balanced and quiet climate endure has made it an engaging preferred. Our efficient and didactically well-structured, multifaceted, research-based teaching forms the foundation of one of the best ranked medical schools in the world.

There are many consultancy by which you are aware of general direction followed by the MCI and avoids the inaccurate information. And there are number of consultancy which gives ambiguous information about the colleges. Studying MBBS in Transworld Education Academy is very essential since the

amount of money, time, should not be wasted.