Children's House Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Arleo, & Ms. Sasha

February 8, 2016

Last week the majority of the children predicted that the ground hog would not see his shadow. Our prediction was correct, in that he did not see his shadow. However, I think the ground hog's prediction may have been a little off. I think we will have to review the concept of what a prediction actually is. LOL This week we will explore the concept of Valentine's Day. How do we show our friend's and families that we care about them? What does it mean to be kind? We will read stories about this during the week. On Friday, the children are welcome to bring valentines to school to exchange with their friends. Please remember to only send in cards. The books we will read this week include A Friend is Someone Who Likes You, Valentine Mice, Just Me and My Friend, and A Splended Friend Indeed.