The Sundarbans

By Drake Brindley

What is The Sundarbans?

The Sundarbans is the largest block of mangrove forest in the world. Many big rivers flow through The Sundarbans which also makes the forest tropical. It is located in Eastern India and Southern Bangladesh with a total size of 539 square miles. It is home to many species of animals. The most popular and the biggest reason people go visit The Sundarbans is the Bengal Tiger population.
Sensational Sundarbans of Bangladesh - Part 1

The Ganges Delta

The Ganges Delta is the largest delta in the world. It's also known as The Brahmautra Delta. It flows through The Sundarbans and empties into The Bay of Bengal. It has some of the most fertile region in the world so it's often nicknamed The Green Delta. At The Bay of Bengal the beaches spread 220 miles across.
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Life In the Sundarbans

Life in the Sundarbans is very hard. Villages send men out to find food such as honey, crabs, and fish. But, there is the risk of tiger attacks. Tiger attacks happen more often then not. Roughly about 60-80 tiger attacks happen each year. It's very often that villages are doing funeral celebrations now. Most people who live in the Sundarbans live in poverty.
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