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Being human is difficult. Relationships are hard.

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Process-oriented Psychology

Also called Process Work, Process Oriented Psychology believes that there is often something meaningful & useful within conflicts and difficult situations. I'm a master's student at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. All sessions are supervised by faculty at the Process Work Institute through the River's Way Training & Community clinic.

Process work also works with dreams and body symptoms. Dreams can give you insight into the things that are bothering you, that you are thinking about, or about your life path. Here's a short video from the Process Work Institute in Zurich.

Contact me to book a session or get more information

Work over Skype or in person (east side of Toronto). Free initial 30 minute session to determine if working with me is a good choice for you.

Low cost sessions with master’s student. Rates are on a sliding scale. Sessions are supervised by senior faculty at the Process Work Institute.

Group facilitation also available if you have a team or work group that has difficult conflicts and/or are going through changes.