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February 27th-March 3rd

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A Note from Principal Sage

BMS Families,

For this week's note, I have created a video so I can elaborate on some upcoming events at BMS!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our Polar Plunge at Crystal Lake! Our community came out in full strength to support Special Olympics! I have included some photos and a video of the event below!

Have a great week!

-Joe Sage, Principal

A Note From Principal Sage - February 26th
BMS Polar Plunge 2023
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March 8...........................................7th Grade Field Trip

March 9...........................................End of 2nd Trimester

March 9...........................................Conferences & Learner Showcase - 2 Hour Early Release

March 10.........................................NO SCHOOL

March 13.........................................Band Jubilee @ FHS - 8th Grade

March 14.........................................Student Conferences

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Lost and Found

The Lost and Found has accumulated quite a few items. If your student is missing anything, please encourage them to stop down outside the main office to take a look.
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Getting to Know Our BMS Staff - Highlighting Katy Fedora

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend? On the weekend I love to cheer on my kids at their sporting events! You will find me in a basketball gym, a soccer field, or at a dance competition! In the RARE event I am not there, I love to find new adventures to go on with friends and family!

What is your favorite thing about BMS? One thing?! How do I even answer? I have the best colleagues–like THE BEST! My students are so great and we have awesome moments to engage in FUN in class! I so appreciate that BMS takes the time to get to know students and learn their story!

First thing you notice about a person? Their smile :)

Something you still want to learn? I love to cook, so I am constantly learning different styles of cooking. This summer I learned how to make homemade pasta!

What is your favorite breakfast food? COFFEE and scones

What is your favorite family tradition? Our family loves to spend time together on our boat. Every time we go boating on Prior Lake, we always have to stop at Charlie’s on Prior and get their Big Buoy Pretzel!

Ocean waves or Rain sounds? OCEAN WAVES FOR SURE! The beach is my happy place!

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owl. I hit my snooze button at least 3 times every morning!

Would you rather be Stuck in an Elevator or Stuck on a Ski Lift? Ski Lift–I am majorly claustrophobic.

What is the last book you read? Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko

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Important Winter Weather Reminders!

Please take a moment to review the important winter weather information below:

Now is the time to be sure you have a plan for emergency closures and your contact information is up-to-date with your child's school. As the 2022 Annual Update window has closed, please contact the school office to make changes to your information.

January/February - 7 Mindsets Theme: 100% Accountable

Own Your Life – If we give away the freedom to act and think for ourselves, we’re more likely to become victims. This happens when we allow the opinions of others and their actions toward us to matter more than our own feelings about ourselves. We must begin the process of owning all aspects of our lives and actions, and take responsibility for every moment and situation. When we do, we prevent others from asserting control over our lives.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs – The greatest limitations in our lives are those we place on ourselves. These come in the form of fears, excuses, and what we call the countermindsets. It is these limiting beliefs that distort our belief systems and drive ineffective or destructive behaviors. We can, however, reprogram our thinking to overcome and eliminate limiting beliefs.

Focus Your Energy – The people who get the most out of life do the most with the 24 hours each day that we all have. These individuals spend more time doing things that give them energy and use this energy to learn and accomplish what’s most important to them. We must constantly restructure our time in order to get the most out of the moments we have. When we do this each day, we take powerful steps toward reaching our dreams.

Grow Through Life – Life is about learning, and it’s a process of continual growth. We must recognize this and seek growth from all experiences, good and bad. When we do, we are constantly getting better. We must also proactively develop our strengths and build new skills. As we do this, we truly become 100% Accountable and capable of creating the lives of our dreams.

Subbing for Farmington Area Schools

Farmington School District has some great opportunities for you! Have you ever thought about subbing as a teacher? Here is your chance to get more information about it. It is a great way to have the same schedule as your children and be involved in the schools. The links below will bring you to a website that will give you more information on how to get a license.

Also, please check out the other opportunities in the Farmington School District.

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BMS Website and the Boeckman Buzz

Please take some time to visit the BMS Website where you will find an abundance of helpful information to support your middle school student. The Boeckman Buzz is an electronic publication that you will receive via email every week from our principal Mr. Sage and the Boeckman Buzz is always available on the BMS website. It is very helpful to take time to read through this publication to keep updated on upcoming events and happenings.

About us

The mission of Boeckman Middle School, a learner-centered community committed to personalization that nurtures curiosity, to ensure each learner exercises ownership for continuous personal growth to have a positive impact on themselves and their communities through:

  • Honoring uniqueness and valuing diverse experiences

  • Safe and empathetic environments that foster authentic relationships

  • Nurturing joy and well-being

  • Mistakes and reflection as essential components of learning

  • Partnering with our communities


  • Each learner continuously grows in their learning.

  • Each learner engages in reflection to guide their future decisions and actions.

  • Each learner explores a variety of ideas and experiences supporting personal growth.

Action Steps:

  • We will share and utilize research-based, culturally responsive practices to personalize learning. -

  • We will create safe and empathetic communities that optimize learning and prioritize well-being. -

  • We will develop and design reporting methods that promote ownership for learners and families while supporting a growth mindset.

  • We will create learner-centered systems that honor uniqueness and nurture curiosity.