Friday Happy Hour!

Welcome to the weekend ladies!

I had a great morning meeting with some local stylists in Harrisburg, PA. I was inspired to connect our team at another level through a weekly email, so I've poured a glass of wine to toast YOU!

You are already receiving a weekly training calendar from the Home office, a weekly newsletter from our upline Zandra Gay and possibly oodles of notifications from the various Facebook groups.

I am going to play around with the purpose of this email each week so let's have fun with this, okay!

This week, there has been a lot of great BUZZ about different training opportunities!
IF YOUR HEAD IS SWIRLING, I am going to outline the HOT news from the week!
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Hoopla registration opened! Facts you need to know:

  • Who? ALL stylists are welcome at Hoopla! As with everything, this is optional but oh-so-recommended!
  • What? Hoopla is Stella & Dot's annual conference open to all stylists.
  • When? Starts 3 pm Thursday July 17 and ends Saturday July 19 at 5 pm
  • Where? Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL. Rooms accommodate 1-4 stylists per room and I can help to coordinate pairing gals up!
  • Why? It's as good as Stella & Dot gets! The most incredible training around-- from core booking/selling/sponsoring skills to executive leadership tracks for seasoned stylists. Like our line, there is something for everyone! Training, mentoring, friendships, swag and fun.
  • How? To get more information or to register, head to the Stylist Lounge and under the FEATURES and click HOOPLA. Early bird registration is $199 through April 15 and then goes up to $249. The first 3,000 registered stylists will receive a FREE Paris Market tote (valued at $258). Over 2,000 stylists have registered since Saturday.

Have more questions or on the fence? Contact me! I have been to 3 Hooplas and am happy to share my thoughts & experiences! We have a team of 12 gals going already and we can all work together to coordinate travel, hotel, etc. It will be fun, fun, fun!

So far I have me, Gretchen McDonel, Melanie Fink, Karen Evanoff, Jen Popovice, Ashley Zurawski, Michele Brennan, Gail Cushing, Teresa Folino, Pam Meester, Jennifer LaGrasso and Nandini Collins on my list as registered gals. Many of you have contacted me that you are still considering it. Great! Am I missing anyone?

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Brighten Your Life Tour!

  • Who? All Stylists wanting to brush up their book/sell/sponsor skills!
  • What? The Home Office is canvasing North America to bring a new training experience to YOU!
  • When and where? March is filled with many more dates-- but I will highlight-- Mon 3/24 Philadelphia, Wed 3/26 NYC and Wed 3/26 Halifax, NS. I will be at both Philly and NYC events. Please let me know if I will be seeing you at either of them!
  • Why? Meet our company's founder and leaders for a training that will knock your socks off!
  • How? How does it work? You need to register. Registration links and full details are again the Stylist Lounge. Head to the FEATURES section and click BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE TOUR. Each day compromises 3 part. Each part requires a separate registration. Here are the 3 parts:
  1. Part 1 is the Rising Star event-- It's a 3 hour training focused on women wanting to grow your business. Registration required, open to ALL.
  2. Part 2 is Meet the Founder event-- It's a 60-90 minute style event targeted for prospective stylists, hostesses and current stylist. New line sneak peeks, styling tips, FUN!
  3. Part 3 is Fast Track to Star Invitational. For Stylists, Lead Stylists, Senior Stylists or Star Stylists who are looking to promote to Star Stylist, HOL Star Stylist, or AD+ by Hoopla. You must apply by Mon 3/17 to be consider for an invitation to this event. Link to apply is here:

So far, I know that Gretchen McDonel, Ashley Zurawski, Gail Cushing, Pamela Meester, Meredith Kirschner and I are all attending a Brighten Your Life tour. Am I missing anyone?

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Rising Star Training program

  • Who? Open to any stylist wanting to TRIPLE your income, earn fabulous rewards and gobs of free accessories every season by working smarter and putting powerful momentum into your business! The goal is to promote to Star Stylist.
  • What? Weekly focused challenges and training on how to get there. A special FACEBOOK page for all participants of this program.
  • When? It launched on March 1st, but it's not too late to join.
  • Where? Refer to the Stylist Lounge and head to the FEATURES section and click RISING STAR for full details.
  • Why? Ready to go grow? Ready to share our mission and empower more flexible entrepreneurs? Let Danielle, our Global VP of Training, work with you to get there!

So far, we have 11 gals on our team registered.

  • Gretchen McDonel, Ashley Zurawski, Nandini Collins, Katina Rouis, Jen Popovice, Erin Smith, Gail Cushing, Michele Brennan, Patty Cardina, Karen Evanoff and Melanie Fink.
  • AM I MISSING ANYONE? Let me know, as I have a little something that I will be sending you :)

Remember, as always YOUR happiness is what defines YOUR success!

Your Leadership Team!

Reach out to me with any questions! xo, Gina