Samantha Herrera

Mexico CIty, Mexico

airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving Denver at 10:39am to Amarillo Texas. Then I will change plans and leave at 4:36pm. Then I will arrive in Mexico City at 9:24pm.

it will be 1020 for the teicket.!


I'm staying at the 4 seasons hotel and it is $262.It is a 5 star hotel.For the total trip, it will be $2170.It has a lot of technology and has drinks at restaurants, a limo, a day care, and an outdoor pool. this hotel is a big beautiful place to stay there are palm trees by the pool!,D.F.,Mexico-City,DF,Mexico-c53588-h19513-details/2014-04-16/2014-04-23/2guests/expanded/#overview

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

If I go to Mexico City I need to bring a lot of food and money because I don't speak Spanish also be very careful and look out because I don't know anyone and I can get hurt, but If I look I will be ok!!!!


I will go to Mexico because it is my dream, I get to go to a domestic beach's I can't wait, also I get go skydiving and in Mexico i hope the sky is pink and as beautiful as they say it will be. It might be dangerous but this world is too. I can't what I'm going to have the time of my life!!!!!

I got this idea in Mrs.Cochran page!