My eight day adventure

By:Roma Mazumdar

Corpus Christi

North Padre Islands

Yesterday I went to the north Padre islands in Corpus Christi. It was just stunning besides all the grass. In the morning the weather was warm with a little breeze, the coldest it has ever gotten their is 2 f , and the hottest it gets their during the summer is 109 f. Hotttt.

My hotel was right next to the beach so first thing in the morning I walked through all the grass then got to the sand.Padre Island National Seashore separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Laguna Madre. The park protects 70 miles of coastline, dunes, prairies. They have a lot of animals like Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, 380 bird species. It also has a rich history, including the Spanish shipwrecks of 1554.

Heritage park

Heritage park was pretty cool, i guess :/ since im a kid im not to into historical and cultural stuff. I thought it was cool because just in one place their was 12 historical/cultural places! these are all 12 places berriman-Bobys House Britton-Evans 'Centennial' House S. Julius Lichenstein House Simon Gugenheim House Galvan House Grande-Grossman House Littles-Martin House Sidbury House Jalufka-Govatos House Ward-McCampbell House Lawrence House Steamboat House.
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Hamilton pool reserve

Probably the prettiest thing I have seen in Texas so far. What it is, is a lake that collapsed in its self so the other water flows into it but it's like underground. Their are steps to go down and it's a lake with a tall but thin waterfall. It's like con caved. Their is like shade because the floor above covers all around just not the center.

The Austin Capitol Building

The tour guide told us It took six years to build this fantastic four-story building which was done being built in 1888. It cost $3 million to build. The Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Speaker of the House, Senators and Representatives all work their well their offices are all their. The building is pink in color because of the "Sunset Red" granite used to build it In 1990.
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African-American heritage, art and culture/ George Washington Carver Museum & Cultural Center

The George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center is dedicated to the collection, preservation, research and exhibition of African-American historical and cultural material. They have old preserved African stuff like plates, pots and more. It was actually pretty cool because the tribal art was pretty.
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San Antonio

river walk

Today was super relaxing I went to the river walk. I ate at one of their super delicious cafés, and went boating down the long pretty river. The river walk has been San Antonio's biggest attraction since forever. It connects the major tourist places from the Alamo to rivercenter Mall, to the Arneson river theatre, to Marriage island, to La vilta, to Hemisfair park, to the tower life building, to the San Antonio museum of heart , and the Pearl brewery.
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The Alamo

Last year in history class we talked about the Alamo a lot but I didn't think I would ever see it in real life. The history and victory of the Alamo started feb, 23 1836 when mexican dictator santa anna and his troops surrounded the Alamo stopping Travis and his group from getting supplies. The battle lasted 13 days. Of course we won. The alamo was the place where nurses helped wounded fighters. Children and women stayed in their too. When you go their its obvious they kind of painted it or touched it up a little, to make i stay sturdy and strong.
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Mexican Cultural Institute

Its a great part of hemisphere park!
The Mexican government sponsors these guys some how to come to Texas and teach about Mexican culture. Their is this huge olmec statue thats cool and a great place to take pics lol. They show all kinds of interesting media art. The art usually centers around a theme about Mexican heritage, or cultural pride. They play movies and sometimes do concerts, so its fun to all age groups like a youngster myself (idk if that made sence). The exhibits change according to time I think, so their is always something new.
I highly recommend checking this place out its actually a really cool and fun historical place.
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abilene Zoo

Since I love animals a zoo was a great place to visit for me. :) I didn't think it would be too great because it was in a little town, but it turned out really fun they even had white tigers which are pretty rare, and super pretty. I was really impressed with this zoo. The layout was great because the attractions were pretty spread out unlike most zoos. There was a small train that ran through the zoo. There was also a spot to feed giraffes. Their was little stands for food and drinks.
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Fort Phantom hill

It was interesting and cool. Sorry about my suckish intros they all sound the same I know. But this place was legit cool, no like no joke. Well it was only cool at night cuz the cool lights but the rest is history HAHA get it history? Because its a major place in history. That actually wasnt a good joke. :/. Fort Phantom Hill was an United States Army and Confederate Army installation The fort was used a lot from 1852 to 1853 and again from 1856 until the 1890s. Besides the history the lights they use at night are so cool it looks like an illusion.

Grace Museum

It wasn't too diverse in cultures but I mean like it has Texas and American culture. It used to be 3 museums but now it's just one big grace museum The Grace Museum houses 5 art display things which display exhibitions they have rotating exhibits too. The 3 sections of the museum are the historical part, children's part, and the art part. The art part was made in 1937, and the historical part was made in 1970 which I think is pretty weird because usually the historical part would be made first

San Angelo

san angelo state ark

7677 acres of natural beauty. unlike yellowstone national park this is a state park not a national park. The main difference between a state park and an national park are that in a National park you need a permit and federal papers to be able to carry a gun but at an state park anyone can take a gun as long as they follow all rules. Also at a National Park you can stay 14-28 days (only in Washington its 28). In a State Park you can only stay 10 days. San Angelo has any mountain bike trails, they even have mountain goats!
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Fort Concho

When I got their I was so surprised by how preserved the fort was. Speaking that it was from the 1800. Its along side of the Concho river. fort concho was built to protect frontier settlements,patrol and map the west. When you go inside you feel like you are their like in the moment of the 1800s. Their are plates, beds, tables and other stuff they used that the government kept well preserved. Their were also pictures of the guys and girls who lived their.
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Chicken farm art center

it was the cutest little place. The art is made by the people and culture of the community. I personally have no clue why its called a chicken farm, because none of the art has to do with chickens. They have really cool glass sculpture things. They have food that's made from chickens that's probably the closest thing to chickens they have lol. I don't have much to type because you forced me too do this place :/ . but yah!
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Amarillo Botanical Garden.

Their are a bunch of botanical gardens in America but this one caught my eye, because Amarillo is such a dry place so I was so surprised to see so much green everywhere. In 1929 a group of women got together to create the first garden club of Amarillo they were trying to prove that gardening was possible in the heat of Amarillo.1954 the Garden Center was formed into a Memorial Park. In 1960 they made it a place to test gardens and give lessons to handicapped. In 1968 the new Garden Center was dedicated on November 17th at the current location in the Medical Center Park.In 1992-2007 it was turned into the amarillo botanicle gardens.
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American Quarter Horse Heritage Center & Museum

It would be a fun place to go with your family, but I went with my husband Channing Tatum (since you said we could do anything). The museum is about colonial times to present. They have interactive exhibits, dramatic video presentations and live demonstrations. lots of history for American Quarter Horse people, lots of collections and things to see. some horse stuff that is hands on
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Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West

It was super fun Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West is a Western Heritage attraction located in Amarillo, Texas. They have activities that are like on the life of the Real West. they have horseback riding, chuck wagon meals, cowboy entertainment, and a venue to learn about the Cowboy Way.they take you on trails of Cowboys and Indians and the trails leading up to the Santa Fe Trail. Join us and step back in time to the Old West, and experience ranching life in the New West.
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El Paso

wyler aerial tramway

If you want to see a beautiful view I know where you should go.. WYLER AERIAL TRAMWAY

it was kind of scary too though. Being 4,692 ft. in the air in a small glass/metal box. The view from their was outstanding. It looked like a mountainy dessert. It takes you all around over ranger peak, cacti gardens and just all around El Paso. It was a super crazy fun adventure

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Magoffin home state historical park

Beauty in history. Founder Joseph Magoffin came to El paso in 1856 helping with his dad's mercantile shop I don't know what mercantile means but that's what he was doing. He was also in the civil war. They have pretty gardens and tour guides, I didn't know El Paso had so much history but the tour guide had a lot to say about the history.
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Big bend ranch state park

Once again this is a state park instead of a national park so the rules are different like with the gun and how many days you can stay their are different too. This place is really pretty too, they have pretty bike trails, horse back riding, hiking, boating. (I LOVE BOATING) so it was super fun and cool. They also have super pretty big gardens, they have a bunch of wild life too.
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Fort Leaton

Fort Leaton is a one-acre adobe compound near the Rio Grande valley. Some people say its where the Spanish Mission del Apóstal Santiago which happened in 1683 plus they say that it was rebuilt as El Fortín de San José in 1773 and abandoned in 1810. I had only gone for a picnic but learned a lot more than I expected. They let tourists and visitors picnic, take pictures and watch and enjoy some dances that Mexican girls in bright red dresses perform.

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Saint Teresa Church Festival

I dont know if this one counts as a site, but In the second week of every October, the Saint Teresa Church Festival celebrates the arrival of Christianity to the area. It started back in 1683, when the Spaniards in the El Paso area to the northwest sent priests to minister to the local La Junta pueblo Indians. Its this huge festival at the Saint Teresa church that other christians from other states and cities come to enjoy being christian.
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