By Ayomide Adetayo.

What is compression?

Compression is the reduction in file size to reduce download time and storage requirements. A typical image file can be 4 MB in size and compression reduces it drastically. A typical movie file displays 25 images a second. Even with fast fibre optic broadband , downloads can be slow.

Types of Compression

There are two types of compression : Lossy and Lossless


. Lossy removes some of the data from a file to reduce it's size.

. Removes data that is least likely to be noticed by human senses.

. Once compressed the file cannot be restored back to its former self.


. Sometimes it's important not to lose data in a file.

. If something was removed from a computer program it would not run.

. A text file contain all the words otherwise it may not make sense.

. It is possible to compress file and not lose any data.