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November 16, 2015

Panther News

One more week until Thanksgiving! We can do this! Click here to view the Panther News for next week.
Enjoy every minute of your weekend,
Troy, John, and Karen

December Car Rider Schedule

Click here to view the car rider schedule for December.

Performance Series

This is a friendly reminder that the Performance Series window closes on November 30th.
Kindergarten and 1st grade take Reading Foundations and Math
2nd - 5th grade students take Reading, Math, and ELA
The Performance Series website is Then, students click on student login. The site ID and login ID are as follows:
Site ID: 81-8674-7240
Student ID: 0 + lunch number

Georgia Milestones Achievement Level Descriptors

Below you will find the link to the Georgia Milestones Achievement Level Descriptors that we shared at the faculty meeting. It provides great guidance for incorporating higher order thinking skills and higher DOK level questions.

Georgia Milestones practice test site

Georgia Milestones Study Guides

Promotional Night at JCCHS

Please see message below from Chuck Butler, JCCHS Basketball Coach. We look forward to having WJES spirit at this game!!!!

On behalf of the Panther Basketball Program at JCCHS we want to congratulate you on all of the fantastic things that you have going on at West Jackson Elementary School. We truly recognize how vital WJES is in regards to any successes that we enjoy here at the high school. In an attempt to show you how grateful we are we would love to recognize WJES at our home game vs. Jefferson on December 2nd. We will be speaking on your behalf at halftime of the Varsity Boy's Basketball game that night and will be glad to make any announcements highlighting some of your achievements and of course recognizing anyone from WJES in attendance of that nights game. Again, all we would ask is for anyone from WJES to stand up and be recognized so we could show our appreciation to you all.

Therefore, please know how much Panther Basketball appreciates all you do and the support that you show us. We hope to represent you well on the court this year and we look forward to seeing WJES at our games!!!

Roster Verification in TLE Platform

It is time to sign off on the roster verification in the TLE platform. The window opens November 2nd and closes November 30th (it does not reopen after this date). When you are signing off in the platform, you are verifying that your student schedules were correct in IC on FTE count day (October 6th). The directions on how to sign off on roster verification are listed below. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.

Click on roster verification (this is located two buckets below where you view walkthrough feedback)
Click on roster verification November
Click accept

Georgia DOE survey

Below you will find information and a survey link from the Georgia DOE.

The Georgia Department of Education is studying the reasons why teachers leave public education as a profession. We are inviting current public school classroom teachers across the state to take a few moments to answer the following 7 questions to help us better understand how to reverse this trend in Georgia. We greatly appreciate your time and feedback and know that working together we can make a difference in public education in Georgia.



This is a friendly reminder to sign up for sets of laptops online and return them to the library when you are finished with them. Thank you for your help with this!

Piedmont College Graduate Programs

Below is a follow up message from Dr. Kathy Breithaupt regarding the Piedmont College graduate programs.

Below is information on the graduate programs from Piedmont College. If there is sufficient interest, our Cohort classes will begin in January, 2016. Graduation will be in May, 2017.

We will need 8 - 12 teachers to bring our graduate programs to your county. The location for classes will be at Jackson County High School.

The cost is $471 a credit hour. There is lots of financial aid available - their contact information is below for your convenience.

The only other fees will be books - average is $100 per class, and a $100 graduation fee. There are no fees for technology or other activities.

There is no cost to apply; the application deadline has been extended to November 20, 2015. Please see some additional details on the link for our "Fast Facts."

FAST FACTS for Spring 2016

Spring 2016 MA PowerPoint

Spring 2016 EDS PowerPoint

Class Schedule Information

Additional Information on Advanced Degrees

If you have any questions regarding admissions please contact our Director of Graduate Enrollment- Kathleen Anderson

Use this link to learn more about our programs and to apply online

Below is specific information on each program - MA, EDS, and EDD. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me!



We offer an MA in your content area - ECE, Middle Grades, and Secondary Education. For Middle Grades we have the following content areas available: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art.

For Secondary we offer English, Math, Broadfield Science, History, and Art.

Our MA program will begin in January, 2016 and graduation will be May, 2017. The program is 30 semester hours for ECE and Middle Grades in your content area - 10 classes at 3 credit hours each, or two to three per semester.

Secondary is 36 hours - 12 classes - or three per semester.

During the school year classes in the Cohort will meet one night a week in eight week sessions - time 4:30 - 9:00 pm with ½ hour for a dinner break. Content classes for MG and SEC will meet online.

Classes meet during the day in the summer for the Cohort location classes (June only - 3 classes = 9 hours). MG and SEC appropriate content classes follow the Piedmont regular semester schedule and will meet online accordingly. SEC students will have 9 hours each semester to complete the program in 4 semesters. Of those three classes two will be on site and one online. Classes during the school year will be held in January/February; March/April; August/September; October/November; no classes in May or December; the final semester will include your Capstone class which will meet both face to face and online.


Our EDS program in Curriculum and Instruction is 30 semester hours - 10 classes at 3 credit hours each. During the school year classes will meet one night a week in eight week sessions - time 4:30 - 9:00 pm with ½ hour for a dinner break. Classes meet during the day in the summer (June only - three days a week - 9 am - 5 pm).


Candidates who have earned the Education Specialist (Ed.S.) from Piedmont College may apply to the Ed.D. program and may transfer credit (30 hours) toward area I coursework requirements. Classes for the EDD are offered on the Demorest and Athens campuses. Up to six hours of transfer credit beyond the master's degree may be submitted by EDD applicants with post master's credit from other institutions. All transfer credit is subject to approval by the Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning and by the Registrar.