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Feeling Depressed From Medical Marijuana? How To Get Ambition And Still Smoke

While medical marijuana provides noted benefits, it has the rare side effect of causing depression during use. Lets look at ways you can stop this while smoking.

Medical marijuana provides significant benefits to those suffering from a wide range of pains. There are however some side effects that should be considered. For some medical marijuana users, one of the biggest problems they will face is increased depression while smoking. While this may cause some to stop treatment, there are some ways to stop this feeling from occuring. With that in mind, lets talk about how you can go about decreasing your medical marijuana induced depression.

Adjust Dosage and Consider Alternative Strains

One of the best ways you can decrease the depression you feel while smoking is to carefully regulate the dosage you are using and see if it makes a difference. This will require that you carefully measure out different amounts and record your findings.

If you have no luck regulating your current dosage, then consider this suggestion made by one green card Vancouver user. Try a different strain. With thousands of strains in existence, there may be one that helps to reduce your depression when taking medical marijuana. Remember that your physiology makes you unique in how you will react to medical marijuana. With a different strain, you stand to potentially have a better result.

Surround Yourself With Things That Inspire You and Are Positive

Whether you do not have the time to switch your strain or do cannot at the moment experiment with dosages, then your next best bet is to change the environment where you take your medical marijuana. Consider how you feel prior to taking the medical marijuana. Are you depressed before and does medical marijuana heighten this feeling or does the depression come on with usage?

The trick to getting your ambition back while smoking is to surround yourself with things that are positive and inspirational for you. While smoking, you are more susceptible to your environment. Some medical marijuana Spokane WA users suggest surrounding yourself with images, books, quotes, pictures, idols, and anything else that inspire you to be the very best you can be. Some even take in the comfort of loved ones while smoking to feel the reassurance, love, and affection that can come from physical contact.