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October 2019

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Dr. Tammy Pawloski Update and Debrief

We had a great Kick-off day yesterday. Teams received information on

Strategy #1: Building Relationships

along with a good background on poverty, neuroscience, action research and foundations.

Your team will get:

Resources including video, slides and resources by email to assist their efforts as they plan to share with their staff

Your team needs to decide:

How they will share the project with all staff

How they will implement Strategy #1: Building Relationships

Will they implement by level, school or district wide?

How will you support?

Debrief yesterday

Poverty Matters-A Listing of All Strategies

for a complete list of all of the strategies:

Continuous Improvement Conference: November 18 and 19

Big picture
Big picture

AdvancED is now Cognia

Region 5 Commits to Literacy!

Eddie Kindle will be presenting on the efforts of Region 5 Superintendents to commit to literacy at the MASA Conference on Thursday, September 19.

Some of the highlights he will discuss will be:

Region 5 Meetings discussing School-wide Essentials

Literacy Walks/Training

Collaboration with Region 3 Reading Now Network

Thank you Eddie!

Support Professional of the Year!

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