Technology Rules for Parents

By: Sukhjot Grewal


  • Don't talk or text on your phone while driving

You could cause an accident or get in one if you text or talk on your phone while driving.

Also you could get seriously injured or you could even get a ticket from the police.


  • Don't put to much information on social account profiles

Somebody could figure out your address and can try to harm you.

They could also get into your device or blackmail you as a well.


  • Don't put your phone number on the internet.

Somebody could prank call you which could be very disturbing.

Somebody could also blackmail you and figure out your address.


  • Don't put your address on the internet.

Someone could harm your property or your family.


  • Don't trust people you don't know online.

The person could easily trick you into to doing bad things (ex: drugs, cyber bulling, etc.)


  • You should know all your kid's social accounts.

If you don't know all them then you can't keep your child safe from cyber bulling or from self harm.


  • Keep all your social accounts private.

Keep them private so only your friends can read it and nobody else can.

Also your more safe that way from internet dangers.