South Central Kentucky Tres Dias


Final Team Meeting

The final team meeting for SCKTD #8 is this Saturday, September 20 at Hillvue Heights Church, 3219 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY - 3rd Floor, youth building (back side of church) - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. All team members should be in attendance for this final planning meeting. If you haven't paid your team fees, please plan to do so at this meeting or talk to head chas about making other arrangements.

Sponsoring candidates

There is still space to sponsor candidates on the upcoming weekends.

  • Men's weekend is September 25-28.
  • Women's weekend is October 2-5.

As of last Saturday, there were 13 men and 15 women registered. If you would like to sponsor a candidate, applications can be found here. Time is of the essence. Bring applications, along with the $50.00 candidate fee, to the team meeting on Saturday. You do not have to be serving to sponsor a candidate but you are encouraged to stop by the team meeting to turn in candidate applications. If you want to sponsor a candidate and can not turn the application in on Saturday, please email Regina and Lynn Goodman at or call 270-563-4327 to let them know you have a candidate and to make arrangements for turning in the application and candidate fee.

When considering sponsorship of candidates, please keep duties of the sponsor in mind. These duties can be found here. Also, remember, it is the duty of the sponsor to obtain letters, notes or cards from family and friends for the candidate. See more details about that in the Palanca section.

Palanca, letters, and prayer! Oh my!


If you are providing palanca for the weekend, please plan on these numbers.

  • Bed Palanca for candidates - 40
  • Rollo Room for candidate tables - 50
  • Rollo Room including all Chas - 80
  • Kitchen table palanca - 110

Ideas for Palanca include bookmarks, scripture cards, candy, jewelry, other fun items. Need ideas? Check out or Pinterest and search for Palanca. If you provide scripture cards for the women's weekend, please hole punch them in the bottom left corner.

General Palanca Letters - One letter that you write to the candidates as a group encouraging them for the weekend. These are the letters that are posted on the walls in the Rollo Room.

Sack Palanca Letters - A letter that you write to all candidates for their sack on Sunday. You can write one letter and copy it 40 times.

*Letters from family and friends for candidates.* If you are sponsoring a candidate, please, please, please make sure you have letters for the candidate from family and friends. Write the candidate's first and last name on the envelope and in an upper corner label who the letter is from - spouse, child, parent, pastor, sibling, friend, etc. Letters can be turned in at the team meeting, at registration on Thursday night (discreetly!!!!! - put them all into a large envelope to hand off) or can be given to Palanca team members anytime during the weekend. They can also be brought to Serenade on Saturday night.


Pray without ceasing during the weekend! Especially remember to pray during the times you are signed up for the prayer wheel. The entire weekend needs to be bathed in prayer. This is a fantastic way to serve the weekend if you are unable to physically be present to serve.

*Other Palanca* - from ALL team members.

Remember, each team member should plan to bring food for dinner on Thursday night. Coldcuts for sandwiches will be provided. Bring fingerfoods, sides, salads, or desserts.

Each team member also needs to bring either 2 - 2 liters of soda OR 1 case of water to the campground on Thursday.

Women Serenade Men

Saturday, Sep. 27th, 5:30pm

2015 Stony Point Rd

Franklin, KY

See more details below.

Men Serenade Women

Saturday, Oct. 4th, 5:30pm

2015 Stony Point Rd

Franklin, KY

See more details below.


You are invited to the Serenades for

South Central KY Tres Dias #8

We all remember what a blessing the Serenades where when we were candidates. Now it's your chance to be a part of blessing someone else. We want you to join us in Serenades of SCKTD #8.

*Women are invited to Serenade the men on Saturday, September 27, 5:30 pm.

Wear a white top and black bottoms. Wear your cross if you want to.

*Men are invited to Serenade women on Saturday, October 4, 5:30 pm.

Wear a white shirt and black pants. Wear your cross if you want to.

On both dates, meet at the back bunkhouse at Oasis Christian Center, 2015 Stony Point Road, Franklin, KY 42134. A meal will be provided and we'll practice before heading up to the dining hall to surround the candidates with our voices, love and a hedge of protection. Afterwards we'll line the walkway as the candidates move to the cross ceremony.

*Please remember it is Tres Dias tradition that spouses of candidates on the weekend do not attend Serenade.