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A Newsletter for Parents of Upcoming Kindergarten Students

Vol.1, No.5

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This week's topics are letter sounds and social skills!

Building Knowledge of Letter Sounds through Rhyming Words

Developing early literacy skills makes it easier for children to learn to read. Children who enter school with these skills have an advantage that carries with them throughout their school years. This week, we are focusing on phonemic awareness.

What is Phonemic Awareness?

Phonemic awareness is the ability to understand that spoken words are made up of small individual sounds called phonemes, and it’s one of the best predictors for reading success. How can you help? One way to get your child to understand that letters make sounds is to introduce rhyming. Here are 5 simple ways to help your child learn about rhyming words:

-Just talk! In normal conversation, challenge your child to listen for words that rhyme when you say them aloud, such as sun, bun; pat, cat; and dish, wish. Make up silly rhyming words together.

-Recite some old favorites! Mother Goose rhymes and silly rhymes can be fun to recite and sing. Sing the rhymes in the car, read nursery rhyme books, and use finger plays to act out a rhyme.

-Read books with rhyming words! Many children’s books are filled with rhyming words. Reading them aloud can help your child hear and recognize words that rhyme. Here is a list of rhyming children's books compiled by PBS.

-Sing songs! Down by the Bay, Hey Diddle Diddle, and The Name Game are all FUN songs that have loads of rhyming. Brain research has shown that rhythm and song can help a child retain a skill or concept! That is an extra bonus!

-Play rhyming games online! Sit with your little one and play the online games below together. Make tech time interactive and bonding.

Grover Rhyme Time

Alphabats ABCya

Turtle Diary for Preschool

If you want to enjoy an "old school" game with your child, here is a printable rhyming game that you can enjoy together.

Spending some rhyme time with your child will help him/her build knowledge of sounds that make up words. This awareness will lead to reading and writing success….and kindergarten readiness!

When preparing for kindergarten, we tend to focus on helping our children with the academics and forget to address social skills. Kindergarten teachers will tell you that a key component for school success is having good social skills.

Does your child have the necessary skills to interact and communicate with others effectively? In the video below, Whitney Kern, Prevention Consultant with Chesterfield County Prevention Services, shares some simple ways to help children develop "get along" skills. Children who have empathy for others and manners will acclimate to kindergarten easier. Whitney will explain how to look for those teachable moments where we can help our kids do better.

K Ready: Social Skills
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Circle Time at Home- Humpty Dumpty

VPM has a new educational show for preschoolers and kindergartners called Circle Time at Home featuring local educators. It is a bit like Mr. Rogers and school combined! This episode features the popular nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty and the concept of rhyme. Bellwood Elementary's Saida Bouhajja teaches the rhyme in a creative story format with a follow up activity that focuses on print and alphabet concepts. See VPM's schedule here or use the link below.

Next Week's Topic- Building Vocabulary and Fine Motor Development!