What is a GOOD Digital Citizen?

For Teachers

We are living in a digital age!

What does this mean? It means that most of us are, or will eventually become members of the digital community and information megalopolis of the internet. congratulations on your citizenship! With this citizenship, like immigrating into any country, there comes the need for a certain kind of etiquette and a level of personal responsibility.
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How can we use tech positively to connect with others?

The reach and impact of technology has changed the way that students and educators learn, and access information. With this change, there comes challenges, such as plagiarism, cyber safety, and the task of navigating through mires of information to find credible sources for information. Alongside this, the trend of cyberbullying that has plagued schools. It seems overwhelming!

Positive Use and Interation with and of Technology

A quick guide to Digi-Manners

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Digital Citizenship

Is defined as...

A digital citizen refers to a person utilizing information technology (IT) in order to engage in society, politics, and government participation. K. Mossberger,

Mossberger, Karen. "Digital Citizenship - The Internet, Society and Participation"

How Can We Be Good Citizens? (Click on links for resources)

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