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"Oh! The Places We'll Go!"

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WHAT'S NEW? (January 16, 2015)

Hi Parents,

It's been a while since you have received this newsletter, so first of all, Happy New Year!
Hope you all had a nice holiday break and got a little extra family time on our surprise "cold" days last week. I have included information from what we have done in the past few weeks so you are updated on what is happening in 5th Grade.

We had a great time on our field trip to The Grove today. The weather cooperated and the students had a first-hand experience on what it was like during the pioneer days. They worked hard today to collect wood, make candles, prepare their own meals, churn butter, use a loom, and even wash their own dishes! All in a days work for a young pioneer. They should be exhausted tonight! Thanks so much to Mrs. Burnson for joining us today and making cornbread, and the Deutsch family for baking the Snickerdoodles, and the Rench family for also making cornbread. They were enjoyed by all!

Happy LONG Weekend,
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Mirza


In math the students finished up Chapter 4, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. They reviewed how to turn a mixed number to an improper fraction, multiply two fractions, multiply a fraction and a whole number, and divide fractions. They then applied these skills to real world problems.
Here is a rhyme we said multiple times a day to help us remember the rule for dividing fractions: "Second fraction, don't be shy. Flip yourself and multiply."

The students reviewed how to add and subtract fractions, a skill they learned in 4th grade. We are currently working on how to read and write thousandths in decimal and fractional forms. This video below helped us a lot!
Math Antics - Converting Base-10 Fractions

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop this week we learned more about the elements of a memoir. We discussed how a memoir is a small snippet in time, mentions feelings, and also mentions some sort of lesson learned or life lesson taken from this memory. We read some examples from Dan Gutman, Sandra Cisneros, and Chris Van Allsburg to help us craft our own.

Reader's Workshop

Last week in Reader's Workshop, the students read a lot about the formation of our government. They worked on reading the questions before actually reading the text. This way they are aware of what to look for while reading. (Good test-taking strategy!)

This week we identified Text Features and how they help our comprehension while reading nonfiction. The students took a Scavenger Hunt to find all the text features in their nonfiction book.

Next week: Text Structures

Social Studies

Last week in Social Studies we completed our unit on Government. The students learned about The Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. They completed a Twitter activity where they summarized each amendment. #sofun! #niceunderstanding #justlikethebigkids

We are now traveling West! In 1803, Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from France. The students learned about this amazing real estate deal and how it doubled the size of our country. They are now learning about the incredible journey of Lewis and Clark and their contribution to Westward Expansion.

Ask your child to sing the Schoolhouse Rock song, "Elbow Room"! (and do the dance)

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Monday, January 19th
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Day (NO SCHOOL)

  • Thursday, January 22nd
  • Erin's Law Parent's Presentation (6:00 pm)

  • Friday, January 23rd
  • GB Movie Night (6:00 pm)

  • Tuesday, January 27th
  • School Board Meeting (7:00)

  • Friday, January 30th
  • Concert for Africa @ NBJH (6:15 pm)

Ask Your Child About.....

Before break:
* How many similies we found in our last read aloud, Grayson
* Making snowflakes with our buddies
* Making latkes (Thanks, Mrs. Zohn!)

After break:
* Our new read aloud, Mr. Tucket
* Learning how to "tweet"
* Making covered wagons
* The (very old) Oregon Trail game
* The field trip to The Grove


Next week: Lesson 8

The Grove (more pictures coming soon......)