Hyperdocs and Choice Boards

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Hyperdocs and Choice Boards

As we all know, learning, growing and demonstrating knowledge and understanding does not have to be a "one size fits all" approach. Creating learning opportunities though Hyperdocs or student choice boards allows different options for student learning and demonstration of knowledge or proficiency. Let's explore...

First Check out this Podcast overview of Hyperdocs and this great blogpost about Hyperdocs


1. Hyperdocs 101: There is a definite difference between a Hyperdoc and a doc with hyperlinks. To learn more, work though this Hyperdoc101 activity and begin your own creation.

2. Student Choice boards: Similar to Hypderdocs are Choice Boards or interactive learning boards... info here.

3. Check out more examples here

4. Choose your own path example

Activity: After listening to the podcast, working through Hyperdocs 101 and exploring Interactive Choice Boards you will now continue working on an activity to share. Please use our Padlet (hyperdocs) to share you document link for others to view

After learning and creating please respond to the questions on the linked Padlet here:

*** Please fill out this survey after completing your Hyperdocs and Choice Boards Learning.