By Judy Blume

"i love you, michael wagner. "forever?" he siad "forever" I said

this book is about a girl named Katherine who wanted real love the first long term relationship didn't work out the way she really wanted it too. After him, she met "the love of her life" Michael Wagner. In the beginning it was smooth sail but it was senior year and they know that there will be bumps in the road but plan to work through it... but it didn't work out as planned then Katherine and Michael got jobs in different states during the summer.“Suddenly question number four popped into my mind. Have you thought about how this relationship will end?”


i chose this book because Judy Blume is one of my favorite authors and romance books are also the most interesting to opinion of this book is very high because i think it could relate to a lot of people who have had relationships that havnt worked out .this is one of m most favorite books I've read because it really makes you want to read more and not stop.i really liked this book because of how realistic it is it judy blume puts all emotions into the book you know exactly how they feel My favorite part of the book is when Katherine and Micheal go to the snow lodge and Micheal teaches her how to ski and she fails so many times and has faith in her that she can do it but never laughs at her for not being able to do it. i rate this book a 5/5 stars it was very loving and caring but has a twist of disappoint.I recommend this book to anyone to loves or enjoys reading love stories.
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judy blume was..

she was very imaginative, when she was younger she dreamed of becoming a cowgirl,a detective ,a spy,a great actress or ballerina. she certainly didn't want to be a writer at first. it never occurred to her she wanted to be one even when she loved to come up with creative stories in her head all the time
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