The Vizi-glasses

a must have

What is it?

The vizi-glasses are some high tech glasses that are a nescessity for students ages 12-18. This amazing product is missing from our society and should be in the market. We at Think BIG! believe that every child deserves to have a fair amount of time for projects and schoolwork. Therefore, if a student is sick or at home they can't complete the work and get in trouble.

What it does

Full Wi-Fi accessFree educational appsHolographic keyboard and mouse (3D)Data connectionCan connect to classroom, home and general    networks (McDonalds, Tim Hortons)Built-in camera and videoTelephone and bluetoothThe Vizi-glasses benifit the student in many more ways than any other age group, though it can be used for other age groups. There will be no more missed material, no more missed lessons and no more missing class, even when you're sick.