Jaime's Pretty Pearls

Pearl necklaces for accessory-loving girls!

Land, Labor, Physical Capital, Human Capital

Land- My pearls are all natural!

Labor- I spend all day making these necklaces by hand! All of my love goes into each and every necklace.

Physical- I use scissors to cut the string when it comes to an end.

Human- I taught myself how to make the perfect necklace by making mistakes along the way!

My business is a sole proprietorship because I own and make the products by myself.

So what's good and bad about my business?

Advantages- My business was easy to start, I'm not subject to special taxes, and I don't have to worry about the expenses for extra workers!

Disadvantages- I have unlimited liability, and I might need to hire help eventually.

Horizontal Merger

If I joined in a horizontal merger with another jewelry company, I would be able to produce more products! (bracelets, earrings, etc)