The '02 Girls and their coach Preston Priddy go big!

Last Season!

Last season coach Preston Priddy and his '02 girls team did unbelievable! The girls finished the first half of the season with 1 goal against and 0 losses with a satisfied coach. The team continued through the season of D3 LHGCL and finished with 1 loss of 2-1. Priddy and the girls were promoted to Division 2 of Lake Highlands.

Division Two

Priddy had some changes to his roster over the coarse of the summer and added a few players. Two of the Saints girls are no longer on the team which saddens all the girls and the coach. To make up for the loss 4 new girls joined onto the team. The '02 Saints Priddy team got an additional Center Mid, Left/Center Forward, Right Forward and Defender. These players will hopefully improve the team!