Ms. Collodora's News

Here's what's hip-hop and happening in our room! Week 14


This week we practiced short -et and -ed word families.

Reading and Writing

We started talking about community workers this week and why their jobs are important. We also learned 3 new vocabulary words that helped us understand how some jobs work! We learned the words worker, services and assist. We also began working on our comprehension strategy of inferring. A tricky skill, but we read several stories to practice, including "Tuesday," "Flotsam," and "Knuffle Bunny." The kiddos really enjoyed "Tuesday" and "Flotsam" because they are both wordless books! We had to infer the entire story! We will continue to practice this skill next week!

We have also been spending a lot of our Writer's Workshop time working on a gift for you! Not to spoil good news, but next week your kiddo will be bringing home a book they have been working very hard on for you to have! It is a fun memento for you to have of their first grade work!


Lots of new strategies to help us solve subtraction problems this week, including using double facts and thinking addition to subtract! Hard concepts (and not always a favorite of mine), but the kids have been doing really well with the concrete idea that fact families are all related and use the same 3 numbers! We are focusing really hard on remembering that if we know an addition fact, we can find a related subtraction fact and vice versa!

Time for Fun!

We took some time this week to read a few different stories and we thought about what it would be like to be reindeer. We read “Olive, the Other Reindeer” who is a dog, but thinks she is a reindeer and did some cause and effect writing with that story. We also transformed ourselves into reindeer and applied to be a reindeer for Santa! Those are hanging up for everyone to see and will come home next week for you to see! Next week we will dive into our gingerbread theme where we will read a lot of stories and do many experiments and writing activities as well as making a gingerbread house! So much fun!

Friendly Reminders and Fun News

No school 12/24-1/1.

Macyn was our Star Student this week.

We will be making Gingerbread Houses on Tuesday December 22nd! Please bring in an old pail/bucket/ice cream container for your house to travel home safely in! If you don't have one, I will have paper bags for them to be transported in, but they don't always make it home in one piece!

I can hardly believe it is December and I am getting married next week! I will be gone until January 4th, but I leave your kiddos in GREAT hands :) Marlys Raffenbeul will be my sub and she is a retired teacher. She is FANTASTIC!

Below, I have added a link to my Donor's Choose Project. I would like to get 6 Bee Bots for our classroom to work on our 4 C's and to teach the kids more about coding! If you are interested in donating, or know someone who would be willing to donate, or your company is willing to donate, please pass on this information! It is a great cause and will teach the kids a lot of great skills for the future!