Adolf Hitler

Elijah Simon Academic 4

Do you really know Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany.He was known for his great speeches. He was also known for being leader of the Nazis and becoming the chancellor for Germany. He was in charge of the holocaust which was the killing of all Jews. Hitler went threw hard times to get were he is now.

Hitler rose to power in his early life. It all started when Adolf Hitler was a boy. Adolf Hitlers sister died when he was thirteen.His mom died of cancer and his father died too. Adolf wanted to be a artist.After his moms death he dropped out of high school and failed to go art college. After the break of world war one Hitler decided to join the Bavarian army. In the army he got the iron cross for bravery. Adolf Hitler blamed the German defeat on the Jews.

Hitlers rise to power was almost complete.All he had to do was to get noticed in the Nazis party and he did. Hitler achieved leadership in the party. When the Nazis were elected the largest party in Reichstag's they offered Hitler a position in.When Hitler become chancellor he took over the office. Hitler gave inspiring speeches then he was elected the boss or the dictator.