Danielle Leis


Many people have taken pictures to remember memories, special moments, and some even documents. Leaving many marks behind saying we have lived. To remember what the past has done or what people looked like. Also giving photography a whole new view.

How it Began!

Photography, according to Mary Billis, " is a method of recording images by the action of light, or related radiation, on a sensitive material" ( 1). Photography was invented to capture documents of our lives. It was first thought of by a man by the name Alhazen, but was made known by Aristotle. These two men had thought of the idea of saving moments, but a young guy named Joesph thought of the idea to get an actual picture from a camera. After messing around and having new ideas color came into the picture to liven photos up.

Types of Cameras

There are many kinds of cameras in today's modern world. In fact cameras have changed quiet a bit over the years. Starting with stand still cameras to hand held. We've developed different sizes and shapes. We started with waters then moved to films and know we have the images right on the screen of the camera. We have also moved on from not only black and white to full blown out color ("Understanding Camera Lenses" 1, 2)!


You can also change a photo in many ways to make the photo better. Paul Andrew states, "The list of cool digital photography techniques and tutorials is endless" (1). Which means that effects is endless! Many styles are used such as turning an old photo to color. You could also put words on a picture. some effects can help people out like re-searchers and scientist. According to most scientists the like using high speed photography, because you see things you normally wouldn't see. Effects can go on and on in the photography world. you could choose more light or less light. Also the closeness on the picture or the blurriness. You may even want to double your photo to make the photo more interesting.


According to Cambridge, "Camera lenses can help add more creativity control to digital photography" (1). Lenses too have a wide variety to choose from. There are lenses that you can change, lenses that are changeable. Depending on your camera depends on the lens. You could have a small camera or you could have a big camera that photographers use. Lenses are also picked by image stabilization. lens mount, focal length, or aperture. All of those items help make a picture look better.

A Whole New Side!

Cameras are changing all the time. As Jack Reznicki, a professional photographer says, " Funny how a camera that was great yesterday turns to crap for some photographers" (2). Cameras have changed a lot over the years. starting with still cameras to digital cameras. Starting with black and white to full on color. Having films going to digital print. If you think your camera is new, by the next day people are already making a camera better. The camera world is always changing.

Ready........ Set......... Capture!

In the words of Jack Reznicki, "It’s not the camera that makes the photographer, what makes a great photographer is the “wet-wear”, that piece of equipment between the eyepiece and the trigger finger, your brain" (4). Sure taking a picture is easy to do, but to really capture the beauty of the picture you have to have an eye for taking photos. Taking pictures is a lot of fun. The best part of taking pictures is you can take a picture of what ever you want to take. taking pictures you have a wide verity to take from, such as weddings, holidays, outdoors, animals. etc.

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