Poetry anthology

By Kara bates


Her name is Kara Bates, She is 14 years old, was born in Dallas Texas on March 29,2001. She plays club soccer and her favorite subject in school is English. She has 1 step sister, 1 Strp brother and one sister. Kara has been writing poetry since I was in elementary school and really enjoys doing it.

Where I'm from

I am from soccer

Sometimes cold sometimes hot

I am from big forests growing in the back yard

Trees beyond trees and never know when it ends

I am from big family Christmases and thanksgivings

With lots of food and meeting new people every year

I am from Lake Tahoe

Going there every summer

For the Fourth of July, reuniting with people

And spending lots of time on the beach

And having amazing seats to watch fire works in the boat

I am from arguing over everything

With my siblings but knowing

That we all love each other and that

We depend and care for each other.


What can I say about love

Such a powerful word

It is as beautiful as a white dove

Almost seen as a blur

Love comes all from the soul

It is my parents love

That you can't control

Which I am Proud of

It is her pride

That makes him smile

And catch his eye

With her style

This is a beautiful thing

That is much more than a fling


Soccer is my life

It's what I depend on

Whenever I am sad

Or mad

I go play soccer

It takes my mind off of things

And helps me focus on being positive

I work hard at it

And when I do I have success

It is mostly what I think about

Because that's what I love

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I think my favorite poem to write in this anthology was definitely the "where I am from poem" a Because i really got to remember where I have grown up and remember a lot of things from when I was little. My intended effect on the reader was to be able to relate to my poem. I designed my poems to accomplish this by relating it to the real word and letting the reader know that not everything is going to go your way of be perfect. I really loved the writing process of this because I got to think back and remember a lot of things
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