Lets Us Join The U.S.

Join The Fight For Freedom

We Need The U.S.

Us Texans need the U.S. because of a few reasons. we need the U.S. to pay off our debt that is almost ten million dollars. We also need to join the U.S. because they will provide a money system and postal system which would be very usefull. One of the main reasons we need america is beacause they will provide protection which we need.

Treaty Of April 1844

The treaty of April 1844 was to make Texas a territory of the U.S. Texans accepted, but the U.S. senate rejected the treaty. it did not pass by 2/3 majority. A BIG SHOCK!!!

U.S. Gets A New President

In the U.S. election of 1844 James K. Polk is elected president. He favored annexation and this meant americans also favored annexation of texas.

Texas Is Annexed

The joint resolution was a formal ruling passed by both houses un U.S. congressnthat only takes a simple majority. It was much easier to pass. U.S. voted to annex Texas on Feb. 26, 1845 and it passed. Tesas is now apart of the united states

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