Week 28: Peer to Peer Chat

Collaborating. Reflecting. Growing.

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Spring Inspiration to Keep You Going

Your back from a much needed and well deserved Spring Break and must jump right back into where you left off. With sunny days and blooming flowers, you might get the Spring Fever itch as you are now in the last leg of the school year. Here are some ideas on how to inject some energy, over the next nine-weeks. Ready, go!

1. Take a Step Back.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and remember why you do it. Make a list of the positive impacts you have had on your students, school, and on your community. Impacts. Plural.

2. Coffee Chat

Meet with a colleague or friend, who isn't a teacher, over coffee and chat about the good stuff. Share a laugh. Then commit to taking one idea from your colleague and using it in your classroom.

3. Go Exploring

Visit other classrooms on your campus. This can be an inspiring moment and be just what you need to reignite the spark and motivation. Whether it's to chat with your colleagues about how they are teaching a topic or simply to "borrow ideas" for a display or new classroom set up, the visits can be so inspirational.

4. Students Input

We give students feedback on their work and progress all the time. If your students appear to be at that stage where they seem to be checking out, ask them what you can do to change up your lessons? What do they think would hold their attention and keep them excited about their learning?

5. Be Social

Chances are if you are worn out, you feel uninspired. Do things that bring that fire back in your eyes. Borrow ideas from other teachers (Pinterest is a great source for this). There are some great ideas being shared by teachers all around, and the best part is sharing them with teachers on your own campus then talking about how they have been made your own. It keeps the cycle of sharing going, and that's what makes social media such a valuable tool for educators.

So keep the inspiration going and find what works to keep yourself and your students motivated!