The Five People You Meet in Heaven

By Mitch Albom

Character Analsis

The protagonist of the story is Eddie. He dies saving a little girl from a falling ride at the amusement park that he worked at since he returned from the war. He dies at the age of 83. He has to use a cane to walk because he was shot in the leg during the war. When he died, he met his 5 people that he was supposed to meet. First he met the Blue Man, then his general from the war, then he met Ruby (the namesake for the amusement park that he worked at), then he met his wife, then a little girl named Tala (who he accidentally burned in a barn he set on fire in the war).


I think that the theme of the story is that the end is only the beginning of something new. When Eddie dies, he goes on a journey to find out what his life was about.

Praise or Pan

I liked the book, but it wasn't my favorite. I would recommend this book to people at least 11 and older.