All about Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Hailey Y.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times.Many people think that he was the greatest president in our nation.Mr.Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability.Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an amazing leader.

Early Life

Franklin Delano Roosevelt did a lot of things in his early life.He was born in Hyde park New,York in 1882.Roosevelt was born into a very wealthy family and was an only child in his early life.Roosevelt went to a boarding school at age 14.Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an amazing person in his early life.

Personal Challenges

Roosevelt was a very strong leader and never gave up.In 1921,he got a serious disease that affected his ability to walk.Doctors thought it was polio.Polio is when you get disabled and can't walk.Meanwhile,Roosevelt went to Warms Spring,Georgia for the first time,but he liked it so much that he even built a house there.Even though Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a bad disease he worked to reach his goal.

This is a picture of Roosevelt's little white house in Warms Spring,Georgia.


Franklin D. Roosevelt was a great leader. Then,in 1929,the Great Depression started.The Great Depression was periods of hard times when people lost their jobs,homes,food, and clothing.In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for president and pledged that he would start the New Deal.The New Deal was a program that helped people get jobs and houses.In 1933,Roosevelt became president! Franklin D. Roosevelt served 4 terms and he was the 32nd president.He was the longest serving president.Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a diligent leader for all people.


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