Principal's Update

May 5, 2020

Teacher Appreciation Week's a surprise!

May 4-8 is teacher appreciation week. Your teachers have been working hard to make sure you are still learning new things while you shelter in place! Surprise your teacher one day this week with something special from you! Here are some ideas.

Draw a Picture

Draw a picture or do some artwork that shows how much you appreciate all the work your teacher does to help you learn! Then, scan it or take a picture to share with them online.

Write a Note or Poem

Write a note or poem that you can email to your teacher telling them what you like best about them.

Chalk the Sidewalk

Use sidewalk chalk to write a message on your sidewalk thanking all Eastin teachers for their support, then take a picture and send it to Mrs. Rodriguez so we can post it on our facebook page:

Remember, these are just suggestions! Think of your own fun or creative way to honor your teacher in some way this week!

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Friday is the last Friday of the month which means SPIRIT DAY! Let's wear our school shirts or grade level color on Friday and share a picture. #EastinMonarchs

Anyone up for a monarch scavenger hunt this weekend? Print out, color and hang your butterfly in a front window on Friday. Count how many Eastin Monarchs you find this weekend and report back.

Virtual Learning Reminders

Thank you to our parents, students and teachers for all of your combined efforts during our roll-out of Virtual Learning in NHUSD and at Delaine Eastin Elementary.

We have had a few inquiries about the number of hours of instruction or Zoom/Google meeting times with teachers. Please remember that Virtual Learning is not intended to replace or replicate in-classroom instruction. Parents and students can expect to receive weekly information about instruction for the week including times for students to check in with their teachers as well as specific work students will need to complete online. Virtual check-ins should be happening at least one time per week, and may happen more, depending on the schedule each teacher has set up.

Teachers will not be holding daily Zoom/Google meeting times for their classes. Students are not expected to be putting in a full day (6-hours) of learning time at home. Virtual learning does not look the same as in-class learning.

Here are the Learning Expectations for our TK-5 students as well as a schedule that teachers may use for the week. This will be approximately 2 hours of student work per day. Students all work at a slightly different pace, so your child may take a bit less or a bit more time than 2 hours. That is ok. If the amount of time you child is spending on this work is significantly more than 2 hours, please contact the teacher for guidance.

Daily Expectations for TK - 5 Students in Virtual Learning:

English Language Arts / English Language Development

  • Word Work - Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, etc (15 minutes per day)
  • Writing - Including content areas of science and social studies (20 minutes per day)
  • Reading Fluency and Comprehension - Including areas of science and social studies (30 minutes per day)

Mathematics (40 minutes per day)

Weekly Expectations for TK - 5 Students in Virtual Learning:

  • Science / Technology (30-40 minutes per week)
  • PE (30 minutes per week)
  • Music (30-40 minutes per week)
  • Media (30-40 minutes per week)
  • Social Studies (30-40 minutes per week)- can be included in English Language Arts
  • Social Emotional Learning (15 minutes per week)

Wide Open School

If you are looking for a one stop shop for additional online resources for your student(s), check out Wide Open School.
Update your Chrome OS

Here is a video walking you through updating any NHUSD Chromebook. If you are having any issues with your Chromebook, try this as a first step!

Need a Chromebook?

If you have not checked out a Chromebook from school and you need a device to participate in Virtual Learning, use this link. We will contact you with an appointment.

Have a Chromebook Issue?

If you have checked out a Chromebook from school and you are having any kind of issue, let us know using this form. We will contact you with an appointment.

Wi-Fi Needs

It is very important that all Eastin students can access Virtual Learning. If your student is unable to access virtual learning because they do not have access to the internet, please contact the Principal Rodriguez at

NHUSD Clever Portal

All of our students have a NHUSD Clever Portal. This allows them access to curriculum and content through a single sign on. If you have a student Chromebook, your student will automatically log into the Clever Portal when they sign on.

If you are using a non NHUSD device, you can access Clever through