The Great Depression

Stock market meltdown

Into depression

The Great Depression, it was the biggest stock market fail in our American (us) history. It started in 1924 but hit its hardest in 1929 to 1930 and ended in 1939. The citizens reaction to this problem was not pleasing, hundreds of people started committing suicide witch turned into a wave of suicides. The depression ended when the start of world war 2 came and provided new jobs. We still remember the Great Depression to this day because we could know what to do and what not to do if it happened again, also it is our American history.
Great Depression

Similarities of stock market

The stock market from back then and now are, the market is still exchanging goods with other Country's.


The differences in the stock market now and in 1929 are; today we have better tech like computers, graphing machines to record progress and phones for first alert problems. We also have more trade partners then we did.
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Wrap up

The Great Depression all started with the stock market right, and this is a one time thing, thank god for WW2 or this depression would have lasted a lot longer then it should have, yet it should not have lasted like it did.