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Do You Have A Car Or Just Need Money? Below is the benefits details and how you get paid with the company.

Motor Club of America offer the very best benefits and services with our memberships, more than you could ever imagine in the offering of a Motor club. Joining our company as your primary roadside caretaker is enough reason alone to become a member. We have a very long list of offerings, here are some; Discounts on prescription drugs, Vision, Dental, Hotels/Motels, Car Rentals, Hospitalization benefits, $5000 Stolen Vehicle reward, Emergency Travel Expense, Legal Expenses,Credit Card Protection and much more. To sign up for our benefits: Go to pick the plan that best fits your budget and register

with your valid info.

Income Opportunity:
Motor Club of America also has a referral program for current associates to earn income referring our great benefits and services packages. Motor Club of America referral program has one of best compensation plans of any network marketing program. For a quick presentation of Motor Club of America click here.
All you need to do is sign up for an associate membership ($40). After that, for every member you refer to Motor Club of America, you will get paid double the amount you paid to become a member ($80) and this happens every single time you have someone join your business.

$80 For Every Referral!

To join Motor Club of America and start making money go to and sign up to the plan that best fits your budget.

If you would like to join for only $20:
Go to Click "Additional Mca Products" on the right side.

Click "Add to cart" where it says $9.95. You will have to pay $20 which is for your first 2 months worth of benefits.
Then continue registration process.

Don't Delay.

Motor Club of America has been in business since 1926. Our services will only get better. Benefits and money?? That's a good deal! You get paid directly every Friday before you even wake up! How cool would it be to have money waiting for you? Join today.

Great support team.

You can also contact your direct sponsor which is me. I will always be able to help you. Use my contact info below at any time.