Freak the Mighty

By: Rodman Philbrick


The story takes place in Anytown, USA. The stores setting is in Max's and Andy's (Freak) neighborhood, school, and Killer Kane's house.

These are the main characters


Max must overcome his feeling of being a "nobody", and he must accept learn to accept himself for who he is. Freak has to deal with people picking on him and overcome his disease called morquio syndrome. Together they deal with the kids at there school calling them names and threatening them, so Max puts Freak on his back to chow that they are bigger and stronger then everyone else.
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Rising Action

Max has a learning disability and asked Freak if he could help him with reading and learning. Everyday after school Max and Freak would sit together and read to each other to help Max out with school. They decide to team up and help each other out with there problems.
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Killer Kane is Max's dad who kidnaps Max while Max is sleeping and Freak comes to save him. Killer Kane traps Max in his basement and Freak calls the cops and tries his best to save Max by putting chemicals in a water gun and shooting Killer Kane with it. Then the cops quickly show up to the scene to arrest Killer Kane.
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Fallind action

Max wakes up a day before Christmas Eve to see a ambulance in front of Freaks house. Max running over to Freaks house to see what was going on finds out that Freak just suffered from a stroke. So Freak's mom takes Max to the hospital to see Freak. Max barraging into the hospital to go to Freak and the doctors tell him that his heart got so big that it stopped and it wasn't a stroke. Max panicking and frustrated runs to go see Freak for one more time and finds him peacefully lying on the hospital bed.
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When Freak dies Max goes back to being bullied at school. But, he is happier because of all the thing Freak thought him up to this point taught him to think positive. At the end of the book you find out that all along Max is writing the book.
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By: Cameron Boden

Origans of Language period 6th