The Western Wall

Connor B


Western Wall, is the only remaining wall that surrounded the temple. The Wall is located in Israel located in the city of Jerusalem. This wall was located on the West Temple mount. and can be seen when entering the current temple.


The Western Wall is a very important piece of are to all Jewish people, It is the only remaining thing from one of there past temples. The entire wall is one-hundred and three feet tall. only sixty-two feet can be seen right now because of the dirt and rocks have slowly rose up the wall making seven layers not visible Many different people come and visit this wall everyday, people will write Supplications on a piece of paper then will be crammed into a part of the wall.
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Construction of the wall started on 19 B.C. A request from Suleiman the Magnificent to keep the temple safe, And help keep attackers out. Once the wall was finished it stood at One-Hundred and Three Feet Tall. Time passed the walls stood tall, By 69 C.E the Romans and Titus came and attacked the temple destroying every wall except the Western Wall. The temple was semi-destroyed, making this the only thing that the Jews had to keep, Leader and laws had changed for the wall but during the 16th Century Suleiman the Magnificent gave the Jews permission to worship at the Wall. This rule was aloud up until 1947. From 1948-67 Jerusalem was controlled by Jordanian and no Jews were aloud to visit the wall. On June 7, 1967 Israeli Paratroops Destroyed the temple mount letting millions of Jews flood to the wall, praying, crying Etc. This occurred on the Third day of the six say war. And is very important day for all Jews. Almost 2000 years later the wall still stands although the ground has rose and only 62' feet are showing this is the most sacred spot for Jews.


This is very important to the religion for Jewish people, it was the remains of the last temple they had. The wall is known as the root of the Jewish nation, because its the only thing they have left from this far into the past. The wall is not a place of happiness for the Jewish life, it is Christianity has been battling for it for more than 1,100 years attacked about 70 times, The wall is not just a place to pray, it is used for many Bar Mitzvah and a holiday.
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This wall was located closest to the temple, so it is known as most sacred thing to all Jews, many attacks have been targeted at this wall, the Jewish life has tried their hardest to keep it safe, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, big known religions, battle for this wall for over 1,100 years. anybody can visit the wall, but the amount of respect is expected when visiting the wall, they do accept anyone to visit the wall, but certain parts for different genders etc. this wall is very well protected by all, you could almost see someone their twenty-four/seven leaving a note, or just praying.

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