Electrostatic Headphones by Kate Wallace


Electrostatic headphones are headphones that have better sound than normal headphones. They keep the distractions outside away, and keep in the music. They work because of one thing, static electricity. When like forces come together, they repel. When unlike forces come together, they attract. This is called The Law of Electrostatics. In the headphones, the like forces are pushing each other away causing vibrations in the diaphragm to create sound waves. (Sec. 2)

How it works:

Electrostatic Headphones operate differently than the regular “dynamic” or “moving coil” headphones. (Sec. 2) This system allows us to apply an ultralight film from a distance. This concept is similar to the idea of “static cling”. (Sec. 3) Static cling is "the tendency of a material (as fabric) to adhere to another material or surface because of a buildup of static electricity." (Sec. 1) The electrostatic diaphragms used in this device are extremely thin. They are about 10 times less than than a plastic bag. (Sec. 4) A static electric charge is placed on a film. The charge starts to float between two plates, and then when the static cling occurs, the film starts to move by itself. It is called “Static” because the electric charge on the film does not move. (Sec. 3)


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