Mr. Cantrell's

Social Studies

Text Books

Students were issued their text books today. Although the books say CRCT Test Prep., We use them because they have the best information in the best format for our students. The school purchases one book per student and it is the student's to keep. If a book is lost students will have to purchase the replacement.

This week, instead of Social Studies Maintenance, I have made daily reading assignments. The assignments are:

Weekly Reading This Week:
Monday: 109-110
Tuesday: 111-113
Wednesday: 114-115
Thursday: 115-116

If you have any questions please let me know.

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New Unit

We are starting our new unit, European Geography today. The reading assignments given for homework will help students master this material. Students will also receive a study guide and will use the reading and classroom activities to correctly complete these. To ensure the accuracy of the study guide we will go over these before the test. The test is scheduled for 9/17/2014 that will be a Wednesday. Please encourage your child to read the material and go over the study guide as it is completed.

Advanced Content Class - First Period

Due to the nature of this class, instructions given to First Period will often differ from the instructions I give to my other classes. First Period I will try to keep you informed of the differences. If your child says they are doing something different they are most likely correct. If you are ever unsure ask me.