International conference

November 19-20, 2018 | The Netherlands | handicap + studie

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UN Convention proof Higher Education | Save the date

The Dutch expert centre handicap + studie will be organising an international conference together with Utrecht University and the HU University of applied sciences, in Utrecht, The Netherlands on November 19-20, 2018. Save the date!

Universities are working on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities to become UN-proof. 'UN Convention proof Higher Education' will be the central theme of the conference.

During the conference you will get to know more on innovative methods/initiatives, tested solutions and proven results to become an inclusive institution.

The three principles of the UN Convention are: inclusion, full participation and autonomy. And most important 'Nothing about students, without students'.

On November the 19th there will be plenary sessions in the morning and subsessions in the afternoon. It will also be possible to attend the Conference Dinner.

On November the 20th a small plenary session starts followed by subsessions.

The conference will end at 13.00h.

Optional session topics:

- Provision of information

- Accessible examination

- The transition from education to the labour market

- Flexibilization

- Policy development, implementation and monitoring

- Student participation, peer-to-peer coaching

From April 9, there is an opportunity to submit abstracts for presentations and workshop sessions. The official invitation for the conference with the link to register will be send out in June 2018.